Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet - Waiting Room Template Version: 1.0 This is the waiting room template for the Visitor Prioritization Cloudlet. End Users will be sent to this page based on the probability selection mechanism of the Cloudlet. This page supports both POST and GET requests. POST requests must be of Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Based on a configurable amount of seconds, this page will wait then "auto refresh" to the originally requested URL. For GET requests this "auto-refresh" occurs via a META tag. For POST requests, since this page has hidden HTML form tags that preserves the original end user POST, the "auto-refresh" occurs via Javascript. It is possible to present either the same or different content for POST and GET requests. To customize, look for comments below starting with --- CUSTOMIZE ... DO NOT REMOVE the ESI code in this template otherwise Waiting Room will not function correctly! Visitor Prioritization Waiting Room page $add_cachebusting_header()
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